Cogburns Buy Malvern Springs to Develop

December 15, 1944, West Asheville News

Cogburns Buy Malvern Springs to Develop

Malvern Springs tourist park, with 25 log lodge units and including the Malvern Springs golf course and clubhouse, has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Cogburn, operators of Pisgah ranch near Candler, from L. B. Jackson.

Log Cottage at Malvern Springs ParkThe Malvern Springs tourist park was erected by Mr. Jackson and R. H Edney in 1937 at a cost in excess of $50,000. The park is widely known as one of the finest of its kind in the South and the only tourist park in the South with a golf course and golf clubhouse. The purchase price was not announced. Mr. Cogburn said he plans to erect a barn for riding horses, enlarge the scope of the dining room and do considerable renovation work on the various units of the park.

For many years, Mr. and Mrs. Cogburn have operated Pisgah ranch and Mr. Cogburn said today he and Mrs. Cogburn already have taken over operation of the park and will continue to operate Pisgah ranch from April 1 to November 1. Mr. Cogburn, an attorney with a law office in Canton, said he plans to keep his office open there for the present.

Several of the horses of the Pisgah ranch barns have been moved to Malvern Springs and others will be added in the spring, it was learned. There are a number of fine horseback trails in and around Malvern Hills and the golf course. Mr. Cogburn said he and Mrs. Cogburn plan to develop the park on a year-round basis. Devoted to a great extent to families connected with the army here, Malvern Springs park will go “all out” for tourist trade as soon as the war is over, Mr. Cogburn said. He stressed the point that the park will be given full time by he and Mrs. Cogburn in making the place a year-round resort center.

Located on the western edge of the city, the park has been a popular tourist center for several years.

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